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It is always extra special when another professional has high marks for the products I design, here is one from the best of the best Captain Bobby Brown. "I have been fishing with lures dating back to the late 50's while fishing in Hawaii, and have used lures from almost every lure maker, including lures I made my self in the 60's and 70's. I feel that Bart's lures are a step above everything else on the market today, both in the craftsmanship, and the way they troll. I always have at least a couple, sometimes a full spread of them when I am trolling lures. I can't say enough about Brazilliano, Lunch and Extreme Breakfast as teasers Bartís line of lures are probably the best." Capt. Bobby Brown


One of Bart's favorite creations, and yet another giant added to the range. Incorporating the success of the prowler series, it has two jet holes to create a massive smoke trail, this old timer is hot stuff, and always has been. A beautiful swimmer and deep diver will then explode on the surface with an action unmatched. Breakfast is as it states a meal for the taking, rig it for Bear, troll Breakfast flat either corner off the rod tip. Know that this lure is a serious attempt at heavy tackle big game fishing. The exciting movement and splash will make you think you are getting bites all day. Hook rig, nothing less than 12/0.

2013 Big Rock 1st Place Blue Marlin aboard Hatteras Fever II.


This lure is one of my all time favorites and is becoming very popular with fisherman around the world. Trolled mostly as a teaser, Lunch is also deadly with 12/0 or 14/0 hooks. For certain Lunch is a heavy tackle lure, long body, angle nosed plunger, weighing nearly three pounds!! The swimming movement of this lure is nearly alive in action. There are a lot of choices when it comes to teasers there are however none finer than Lunch. "I GUARANTEE IT"

Xtreme Breakfast

World class teaser: Extreme Breakfast is essentially a Teaser like no other, not a fender bumper, not a flashing Dan, not a Voodoo Dancer, E.B. is the closest thing to a swimming Tuna that has ever been engineered for the offshore fishermen, you think that you have seen everything, well you haven't, get ready to fish E.B and you will have then seen pretty much everything, this monster teaser is too exciting to describe. This teaser is also too hot to let your neighbor get one before you. You have never won a tournament then let E.B. help you get there. Make sure your teaser connections are solid, no weak links, get ready, for E.B. this is the king of teasers.
Xtreme Breakfast

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