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Big Guns–Big Tackle, 80-130 lb. to Unlimited. Now we are talking big fish, maybe even Tu Tu (2500) pound Marlin be she Black, or Blue no one has ever accomplished this fete on rod and reel. During my professional skippering days in Kona Hawaii I targeted this dream coming very close but no cigar. What I did leave behind were the lures that are most likely to win you tournaments, personal bests, Granders, maybe even the elusive Tu Tu will pay a visit. My heavy tackle lures are designed to be Dangerously Perfect, ask any Pro.

Abaco Prowler

Cupped nose, large jets, all weather rigger favorite, the A.P. has won tournaments worldwide. Today it is one of our top sellers. This is a lure you can't afford not to have working in your pattern. Abaco Prowler is as good as it gets and my short outrigger favorite. The word is out already on this pure magic, high hook up ratio lure. Ask any pro, most will tell you that the Abaco Prowler Rules. Rig with 11/0 or 12/0 hooks.

2022 Bisbee 1st Place 461 lb S/F El Mexicano
1320 lb Blue Marlin Ascension S/F Harmattan
1209 lb Blue Marlin Mauritius for Richard Wooding
1192 lb Blue Marlin Ascension S/F Harmattan
1024 lb Blue Marlin in Cape Verde S/F Black Marlin
1000+lb Blue Marlin released Canary Islands S/F Noalex
649 lb Blue Marlin. 2016 Hatteras Open Team Cat Baby
Abaco Prowler

Ascension ProJet

First came the Pro Jet, then the Super Pro Jet, these jets are now favorites to Pro & novice alike. Ascension Pro Jet is the super charged big brother, all weather, rigger special weapon #1 --you can't afford not to fish it, place it in your spread with confidence, and be the first to show off what Black Bart Lure Weaponry is all about. The Ascension Pro Jet is years ahead of its time, like all my pro jets they are Lure Weaponry at its finest! Best Rigged with 11/0 to 12/0 hookset.

1050+ Blue Marlin released La Gomera, S/F Noalex
2013 Japan Grander 1093 lbs aboard C/V Arimaru
Ascension ProJet

Super Plunger

The Super Plunger can be used in any position, but is most often run on the short flat line. The Black Bart Super Plunger has been modified to even excel when trolled from the rigger positions. Its aggressive behavior makes it an excellent teaser; Marlin Magazine named my Super Plunger in the top 10 lures of all time. My tackle box always has a few in it. Truly a classic lure & yes, I guarantee it. Rig it with 11/0 to 12/0 hook set and hold on!

2023 Big Rock:  Team Sensation 619.4 Blue Marlin ..DQ
1000+ Blue Marlin released El Salvador, S/F Sandy-ita.
Super Plunger

Grander Candy

"A real Calcutta buster," according to Black Bart, this all-weather lure, runs great in rough water. Its deep-running torpedo action has inspired countless blue marlin to strike...many over 1000lbs! Another Black Bart Lure was selected by Marlin Magazine as a top ten lure of all time. This lure is simply what it states a “Grander Candy” a monster fish magnet, a workhorse, truly a classic lure with an irrefutable image. Best rigged with 11/0 or 12/0 hooks.

2022 Big Rock Tournament Winner S/F Mercenaria
1234 lb Cape Verde Blue Marlin S/F Black Marlin
2018 Big Rock Tournament Winner S/F Honey Hush

Grander Candy

Puerto Rico Prowler

Cupped nose, large jets, all-weather, heavy tackle. A real Marlin lure, be it a tournament, or otherwise, the P.R.P. is a big Marlin magnet. Prowler---Big fish---Monster Fish, Puerto Rico Prowler does all that with a Latin Attitude, Closely akin to Grander Candy, used together as a team just makes good sense. Hot spread, you bet, make sure you have plenty of strong string on your reel, & don’t be in the head too long. Rig with 11/0 or 11/0 or 12/0 hookset, then get ready for some hot big fish action. I guarantee it.

1037 lb Cape Verde Blue Marlin S/F Black Marlin

Puerto Rico Prowler

Blue Breakfast

Here it is, you asked for it now it is part of my lure weaponry system, a sized down Breakfast, one that compliments a full size standard Breakfast. A serious Marlin Lure just waiting to play first string in your spread. Rig Blue Breakfast with visions of meeting up with Tu Tu. 11/0 to 12/0 hook rig, 600 & up leader, check all your crimps for perfection because, your going for a ride.

1228 lb Grander NC Pirates Cove Tournament S/F Mimi. New N. Carolina State Record, Largest blue marlin captured off continental US.
1025 lb Grander blue marlin Samoa all-tackle record. S/F Southern Destiny.
Blue Breakfast


A.K.A. Monster Buster: Big Fish destroyer! Used successfully as a teaser or rigged with 12/0 hooks. Excellent flat line choice, very aggressive, another pro’s favorite. I like this lure flat, tight in the corners off the rod tip, fear not when trolling this classic. You will soon enough meet up with a visitor from the deep with a long nose and fat sides.

2015 Bisbee 500 lb Big Fish Winner "Catchin a Buzz"
2012 World Cup 768 lb Blue Marlin S/F Queen of Hearts
1004 lb Blue Marlin, Bermuda aboard S/F Big Game

Brazil ProJet

No one would ever dreamed of a jet like this one, it is the Mega Brother to the Pro Jet Line--Heavy line--Heavy--leader--Big Hook rig for a big Tu Tu (grandma in Hawaiian) You might want to try a full spread of the Black Bart Lure Weaponry Jets, go ahead I dare you, your not afraid, not yet you say, well then go for it, I know I can hardly wait to fish this dynamite, dynamic spread of Black Bart Killer Pro Jets. They come in all sizes, and fish all species in any kind of weather, from any size boat. Rig with 12/0 hookset.

Grander Release Royal Charlotte Bank, Brazil: S/F Wahoo, Capt. Antonio "Tuba" Amaral.
Brazil ProJet


Your a pro, you’re a novice, your just someone who wants a good shot at catching a decent marlin, blue or black. Then your best bet is to troll a Brazilliano rigged with hooks or used as a teaser, either way you will be the winner. Brazilliano is the most sought after Marlin Magnet in the world. Tournament wins, personal bests, world records they all are in reach when trolling this classic big game lure is the best of the best. I guarantee it. Position on the second or third wave and rigged with a 12/0 hookset.

1200 lb Blue Marlin, Madeira, S/F Counter Attack

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Black Bart Embroidered lure bags made in the USA from the finest of materials. Black fabric with colored mesh back with clear view inside pockets and heavy duty carrying handle. Extra large pockets for rigging and lure storage. Self draining with 6 over sized pockets. Available colors: Black, B...

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History plays a big role in the choosing of this pack. This spread would be the equivalent of a Super Bowl team full of Hall of Famers. My favorite one liner was born when reflecting over the overwhelming accolades praising these Hall of Fame lures, they are simply put, Dangerously Perfect!

Our price: $640.50

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The name for Wahoo in Hawaii is Ono, which means delicious, you too will find out just how delicious Wahoo are once you deploy my killer spread of Ono lures. This spread is professional grade, you're lure wont get bit off by the razor gang, all the connections will standup to the high speed stres...

Our price: $500.00

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