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Black Bart International, LLC  :: Black Bart Lures :: BART'S MEDIUM TACKLE

Medium lures means to me that this grouping of lures is capable of working well with heavier rods, reels, hooks and leader. Excellent hookup ratios, perfect for 30-50 lb class tackle. They are designed with slightly larger fish in mind, yet still very able to attract the prey, get the bite, and subdue the fish in a sporting manner. Medium tackle is very popular for that very reason. Fish my medium tackle 9-13 inch lures and know the pleasure of success whilst trolling.

Bad Guy

Donít let his size deceive you this small tube lure has an attitude. Straight runner, super lure for light tackle, medium, or heavy. All species fall for the Bad Guy, Rig with 8/0 hooks.
Bad Guy

Tahitian Prowler

Tahitian Prowler will find favor with many trollers right off the git-go, all weather, all species, all tackle, cupped-jet through the nose all trolling speeds with a high hook up ratio. Rig 8/0 hookset, 200-300 lb leader, a hot rigger lure for all positions. Tahitian Prowlers are a mini clone of my world famous St. Thomas Prowler. All Prowler lures are steady but sparky swimmers, proven the world over.
Tahitian Prowler

Mahi Candy

Mahi Candy is ready to come out and knock out Mahi-Dorados-Dolphin fish like no lure before it! Sized perfectly to be sweet candy for Mahi Mahi, whether you fish for these fighting devils in Hawaii or anywhere else you will have a smile on your face once realizing how hot this Mahi Candy is. All weather, all species, rigger killers, 8/0 hook, 200-300 lb. leader, from novice to pro you got to love this fantastic new fishing tool.
Mahi Candy

El Squid Sr.

Cupped nose, large jets, slight reverse taper body, it has it all! The Squid like action attracts all species- making it an all tackle personal favorite for many anglers. A super shotgun lure when your targeting smaller billfish, mahi or tuna. Catches fish world-wide and will run in any sea condition and any speed, rig with 300 lb leader and 8/0 hookset.
El Squid Sr.

Eleuthera Plunger

This is the lure that I won the 1975 International Tuna Tournament by 2000-point separation between first and second place, for me this was a landslide victory that after all of these past years still holds up as an all time record score for the event. How good is this fast moving intense little swimmer? Good enough that if it was the only lure in your tackle box it would be enough to over feed you! Tuna, Dolphin, Sails, Stripes, Whites, Spearfish, Wahoo, Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, yes all of them will gleefully fall prey to this one of the greatest of the lures I call classic. Fish this mini Plunger on 200 to 300- leader, 8/0 hookdet, all positions, all weather, all tackle, works better than magic.

1st Place ROC Tournament both Blue Marlin and Yellowfin Tuna Divisions.
Eleuthera Plunger


This bullet lure is sized to perfection and carries all the classic shape of the best bullet lures I have ever trolled. Wicked is as the name applies, this is a hot semi top water injured fish movement lure that has been working for half a century around the world! All weather, all species, all positions, all tackle, 200-300 lb. leader, 8/0-9/0 hook excellent for Tuna. Try Wicked in the center rigger or just play this fishy lure long, there is no gambling left with this long time tried, true and proven, no brainier lure. Wicked is a winner!

2023 A. Samoa Flag Day Tournament: Team: Deep Calling 1st Place Blue Marlin 428.8 lb

Mini 1656 Flat Nose

The scaled down flat faced version of Bart's favorite lure. This is a deep runner with a smooth torpedo action trolled at any speed in all sea conditions. The 1656 Flat nose performs best with 300 lb leader attached to a 8/0 hookset. I love this little lure in a short rigger position, the perfect easy target for your spread.
Mini 1656 Flat Nose

Mini 1656 Angle Nose

"If I could use only one lure for the rest of my life, this is it!" These are strong words from the legendary Bart Miller. Use it with any tackle in any weather, and expect hook-ups from predators great and small. Rigged with 8/0's or 9/0's work best with this lure.

Current World Record Holder Big Eye Tuna 375 lb, 80 lb line class.

Current World Records (3) Atlantic Spearfish 30 lb line class.
Mini 1656 Angle Nose

Cairns Prowler

Cairnís Prowler created for the world down under & beyond, all weather, all species, all tackle, cupped jet with a reverse body taper for high hook ups & that special wiggle the predators canít resist. Rig with 8/0 to 9/0 hook and 300-400 lb. leader. C.P. will be hot trolled in any position in the spread at a variety of speeds, choppy seas, blowin hard donít fret C.P. eats that kind of stuff up and catches while cutting through bumpy sea conditions.
Cairns Prowler

San Sal Candy

San Sal Candy this great new Bart concept lure is making news right out of the chute from Hawaii to the Bahamas and beyond! Tapered body, narrow cup nose, hex back, high speed, all speeds, all species, Marlin, Tuna, Wahoo galore are going crazy to catch this hot candy with a sharp hook in it. San Sal Candy is a deep swimmer, ultra realistic in motion, can be trolled better than any lure I have ever known at high speeds. BINGO, that is right, high speed Wahoo fishing will be the best you ever experienced while trolling San Sal Candy. Troll with 300 lb. mono or cable leader depending on your target fish. i.e. Blue Fin Tuna, Yellow Fin Tuna, Big Eye Tuna, Blue Marlin, Wahoo, Dolphin, Stripe Marlin, White Marlin. What ever your target my totally unique new San Sal Candy will get the job done.
San Sal Candy

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This "New" lure pack is for sportsmen that wants it all! Your targeting mahi and tuna but you wouldn't mind a shot at a billfish at the same time, this spread has you covered. A "dangerously perfect" balance of both lure size and movements that is certain to pound the pelagics into submission!

Our price: $471.00

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This is pack is hot, how hot, scorching! ďDis is da kineĒas it is said in Hawaii, da kine means they are no ka oi, the best of the best! Fish this spread of 9" lures at home or take them on youíre next fishing vacation, chances are those proís in the know already treasure this select pack as one...

Our price: $459.45

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Try my new Rum Cay and San Sal Candies designed for the light tackle wahoo fisherman. Again this spread is professional grade, you're lure wont get bit off by the razor gang, all the connections will standup to the high speed stress test, knowing you have all the right tools for the job-PRICELESS...

Our price: $435.00

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