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Power Spread

One of the first things you learn as Pro is how to set a spread of trolling lures that are compatible as well contribute in the tease, bite, hook, & catch factor. It goes with out saying that there are many variations on this theme because of weather, species target, or size of target.

I would like to draw some word pictures that will help you in your quest for Big Game fish. Picture what it would look like to be looking up from the blue water depths rather than the familiar down perspective from your boat. First comes the profile of your hull then the turbulent propulsion of your boat props that is audible as well visual. All this and we haven't even mentioned the excitement of your lure spread, in other words there is a lot going on as you troll for the query of your choice. I'm going to offer up an example of how I choose a spread that really works for Blue Marlin or Billfish in general.

My spread will be made up from a selection of five lures, two flat lines, two rigger lines, plus a center rigger. Sounds simple enough and it is, simple is what I strive for, along with effectiveness.

My short flat line will be the most aggressive lure in my spread; it also is most likely to be my largest lure in my spread. I want this short flat lure to carry some of the excitement that the prop wash displays, lots of splash coupled with a pushing, driving, undulating display of swimming, I want this lure to stay down in a swimming patter for a term of 5 to 7 seconds, also it should troll in a controlled yet aggressive running manner. (Slant head)

My long corner flat line will be sized down from the short flat slightly, I want this lure to troll similar to the short flat with the main difference being it should display more of a swimming motion, smooth undulation is desirable, the down time about the same 5 to 7 seconds. (Slant head)

My short outrigger is probably sized down in size from my flat lines, this lure will be cupped and have jet holes, the action of this lure will be to troll very straight, dive, swim, splash, Torpedo like in action, down time will be 5 to 7 seconds. ( Cupped jet head)

My long outrigger is sized down from the rest of my spread & will be sparky, by that I mean it will have considerable splash, dart, dive, and undulate, down time 5 seconds. I would also like to see a long trail of bubbles & white water exhaust. (Slant head tube)

My center rigger will be my mouse trap, smallest lure in the spread cupped with jet holes, straight running, 5 to 7 second down time, quick surface pop, shallow running Torpedo like action, exciting but easy to catch, must troll very smooth in a tight straight pattern. Many Marlin will commit suicide trying to eat this quick moving small package, thus the nick name Mouse Trap. (Cupped Jet)

This Power Spread is only one pattern of many that can be used to your advantage, you will find that working your spread is worth the effort of learning how, your reward will be more bites, and larger fish, and of course more fun.

Great fishing, Aloha
Captain Bart Miller

P.S. If you are curious to learn more about Power Spreads or want some help in selecting lures that will give you a decided advantage then contact me.
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