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Black Bart International, LLC  :: Tips & Tricks

Bart Lure Skirting

Often it has been asked of me to offer a photo display & diagram of how to skirt Black Bart lures.

So here it is, I sincerely hope these visual aids work for you. I'm also putting together a video which will also assist in skirting and general all around modern rigging techniques, please enjoy, take a poke, explore and learn these professional tips of the trade. Re-skirting your lure correctly is vital to the consistent performance of your lure, there is a right way, and a wrong way, remember no bulges, there should be a clean transition from tailstock of lure head to skirt neck, trimming the tail ends should be done ever so lightly, try to maintain the original length of skirt as much as possible.

Step 1 Step 2
Tools needed for skirting:
Furniture polish (I find Pledge works best here) Scissors
35 lb. rigging floss or dental waxed tape
Lure head and your selected inner/outer skirt colors.
Always begin with the inner skirt and determine cut point. To do this, look at the distance between the skirt seat and the tail end of lure head. You want the skirt neck to fit perfectly into the skirt seat on your lure head to prevent a bulge.
Step 3 Step 4
Turn your skirt inside out and apply the Pledge. Donít be shy. The polish acts as a lubricant and will help slide the skirt onto the lure head without tearing.
Now insert tail of the lure head into the skirt. This
is best done with a twisting and pushing motion
versus trying to push the head into the skirt. Our
skirts are designed to fit tightly onto the lure heads.
Step 5 Step 6
Great Job! Your inner skirt neck now fits perfectly into the skirt seat of your lure head. With practice,
these first four steps can be performed very quickly.
Next, take your 35 lb. rigging floss and form a loop
leaving 4-5 inchís on the tag end of the floss. Take
three firm wraps over the loop then pull tightly on standing end. Make three more tight wraps and give another good pull securing the skirt into the lure skirt seat.
Step 7 Step 8
Cut your standing end of your floss leaving about 4-5 inchs and run the end thru the loop.
Next pull both ends tightly securing the skirt. Cut
leaving about a Ĺ inch of both lines remaining. If you decide to change skirts, simply pull on either tag end to undo the floss.
Step 9 Step 10
Now that you have successfully tied your skirt on, pull the skirt down into position. You're almost done ... just a couple more tricks to share with you.
Next, letís put on the outer skirt. Follow steps 2-3, cut, inside out and lubricate, then place 100% of
your inner skirt thru your new outer skirt.
Step 11 Step 12
Next grasp both skirts in opposite hands and with a nice steady pull, slide your new outer skirt into position so again, the skirt neck fits perfectly into
the lure head skirt seat.
Repeat steps 5-6, tying the skirt into position. I wanted to show you a slight variation when wrapping over the loop. You can place your thumb thru the loop to keep it in place on your first few wraps.
Step 13 Step 14
Next, pull your outer skirt down into place and you're ready for the final step.
Simply give the skirts a very slight trim at the tail
and your ready for rigging.

Don't be shy if you are still finding difficulties with any part of the Black Bart rigging program give us a call or drop me a line and we are glad to help. Practice does make perfect, you can do it!!

Aloha, great fishing!

Captain Bart Miller

(561) 842-4550 or (866) 289-7050

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