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A Captain's View

A Captain's View from the Bridge

I know of what you speak and it is a rather rare experience, I have not seen it often. There is how ever no mistaking it once you see it. Also a bite during conditions like this is virtually guaranteed.

One time in particular that I recall was on the tide change one hour before high tide around 2:00 p.m. Blue marlin the every size were all over the place like squirrels in the park. The current had been perfect for at least one month, as had been the bite for the month during these perfect sea conditions.

Then as if by magic a herd of blue marlin all appeared on the Keahole fishing grounds, they could be seen feeding on the grounds in water depths from one to five hundred fathoms. Fins, tails, heads and marlin bodies were seen streaking between boats, everyone with a live one in the water was hooked up about as fast as they could let their bait out.

This fantastic phenomena lasted for about one hour, right up until the tide ebbed.I have seen similar situations not so good but nearly as good half a dozen times in my career.

In Fiji I saw schools of yellow fin tuna so incredible that you could not troll outside of them for several miles, I was literally surrounded by tuna.

In Madeira I have had four big blues in the grander range up and on every lure in my wake, which was four, they all struck, it was wild and crazy, none stuck, it was how ever a picture I will never ever forget.

But the one that tops them all I experienced on the Great Barrier Reef, during the 1970 season, we positioned ourselves on top of a pod of Big Blacks and I mean big, this paticular pod if my memory serves me right was one of about eight giant blacks.

One in paticular was "the" fish,getting the bait past the smaller granders and in the face of super girl was not an easy task. She finally went for a scad got hooked up and broke line early in the fight.

I have memories of so many great ladies of the sea that would not let me touch them, they must be very big by now.

Aloha, Great Fishing
Captain Bart Miller
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