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Black Bart International, LLC  :: Black Bart Lures :: BART BRAT MICRO BAITS :: Demon :: Petro Skirt

Petro Skirt

Size Guide

S2 = 8" Length X 3/4" Neck Fits;

El Squid Jr., Tuna Candy, Tuna XXX, Hex Jet, Elk Hunt, Pro Jet, Pelagic Breakfast, Costa Rican Plunger, Canyon Prowler,Cabo Prowler, Rum Cay Candy.

S3 = 9.5" Length X 1" Neck Fits;

El Squid Sr., Bad Guy, Mini 1656 Flat, Mini 1656 Angle, Mahi Candy, Tahitian Prowler, Cairns Prowler, Eleuthera Plunger, Wicked, San Sal Candy.

S5 = 12" Length by 1 1/4" Neck Fits;

RPP, Super Pro Jet, Kona Classic Tube, Hot Breakfast, Wahoo Candy, St. Thomas Prowler, 1656 Flat, 1656 Angle, Oz Prowler, Striper Candy, Crooked Island Candy, Punisher, Super Pro Metal.

S6 = 14" Length X 1 1/2" Neck Fits;

Kona Pro Jet, Kona Pro Metal, Hawaiian Breakfast, Marlin Candy, Warrior, Big Rock Plunger

S7 = 14" Length X 1 7/8" Neck Fits;

Madeira Mama, Grander Candy, Abaco Prowler, Puerto Rico Prowler, Blue Breakfast, Brazilliano, Ascension ProJet, Ascension Pro Metal, Super Plunger.

S8 = 16" Length X 2 1/8" Neck Fits;

Zulu, Breakfast, Brazil ProJet.

S9 = 16" Length X 3 1/2" Neck Fits;

Extreme Breakfast, Lunch

Price: From $4.50

Weight: 0.20 lbs

Price: $5.85

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