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Captain Bart Miller
My company was first established in 1966. The advanced technologies available today have once again made Black Bart Lures the Gold Standard in the industry as they have been for the last four decades. New unbreakable plastics, new Flash & GlowT technology, new Pro BalanceT weighted inserts that make my lures track and attract like no other.

Pro BalanceT means better hook ups, more tournament wins, personal bests are now just a troll away.

Black Bart Pro Line custom rods are now available. These rods are like no other on the market. Not only are they the most stylishly finished, but also have my personal touch which is what I call Deflection PerfectionT ... a rod that over works the fish and under works the angler. That's right, less stress transfer to the angler! This is accomplished by our unique construction methods and personal blanks. All I can say is hurry up, come on in for a visit. Let me show you what I am bragging about. Make your mark in Big Game Fishing history and order my one of a kind personalized rods designed for your extreme pleasure. Once you see or fish these rods you will never go back. From that moment on, only the best will suffice. Black Bart Rod Weaponry is heirloom quality craftmanship, top of the line. These rods echo my companies slogan: Dangerously Perfect, or perfectly ... dangerous.

Black Bart Big Game Fishing is far more than a store, it is a concept that brothers Jack and Gary Tullius and myself put together starting with "WHAT IF". What if we made the most advanced products, then showcased them in a unique environment. A place where fishermen from around the world could meet and share ideas with the common goal of making new products for our great sport. The Black Bart Big Game Fishing store celebrates it's first year this June 2004. I am pleased to announce that the new store concept has already been visited by anglers worldwide from every level of talent within the sport. Each and every day I make new friends and meet with new clients. The store has become a comfort zone for those who know and want the best specialty tackle items housed under one roof in the world. My staff and I welcome you to visit, to browse around, share fish stories, photos, talk tournament, or just show off personal best, we will share with you all that we know, or have to offer.

Black Bart Big Game Fishing is the first Big Game Fishermen's lifestyle store, not a store to compete with other tackle stores, something far more original. Items not to be found anywhere else. Of course, we have featured our world class lures and skirts. I have a supply like never before seen under one roof. Thousands of skirts, thousands of heads, then add rods, gaffs, hooks, line, leaders, windons, ball bearing swivels, all the terminal tackle needed to support a Big Game tackle box, Black Bart custom lure bags, custom rod covers, custom reel covers, my updated Tuna Tube invention, fighting chairs like no other, and the complete line of Black Bart sportswear.

We have dissected the negatives from all our products making them upgraded and updated. Anglers and fishermen alike would be able to FISH THE FUTURE NOW.

In a nut shell, that is what the newly evolved Black Bart concept means to us. With the best service in the industry, along with availability of products when you need them most, two day, three day, or overnight service ... you got it, I guarantee it.

Just to show you how serious we are, we built on the pine planked floor of our store the actual cockpit of a sixty foot sports fishermen. Fighting chair, rocket launcher, rod holders, gaffs, tackle drawers that are full of surprises, custom Black Bart rods, custom digital video equipment that you have to see in order to believe. Never miss those historic moments ever again, we will teach you how.

Please accept my personal invitation to show up for a personal tour of the new Black Bart Big Game Fishing store, or e-mail me for a chat, or phone me. Team Black Bart will be there for you.

Aloha, great fishing!

Captain Bart Miller

(561) 842-4550 or (866) 289-7050
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